Damage Assessment, Structural & Stability Calculations


Martin & Ottaway provides engineering assistance in the assessment of damaged stability and residual structural strength of vessels and structures. Such assistance has been provided to salvors, ship owners and underwriters.


The firm is contracted to provide naval architectural assistance for Smit Americas Inc., the Western Hemisphere arm of a multi-national salvage company, and as such regularly attends on salvage efforts as their technical advisor.


Next to emergency assessments, the firm regularly performs damage assessments, structural and stability calculations for interested parties on matters involving accident investigations and risk assessments. In addition, unusual calculations are performed for attorneys on a "what if" basis, such as the oil outflow of the "EXXON VALDEZ" versus a similar double bottom vessel.


Within the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 framework and various contractual arrangements, the firm serves as the technical consultant on naval architectural matters to response organizations and personnel from the firm have attended actual spill emergencies.


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