Ships are a Huge Collection of Filters

"Filtration Challenges in the Marine Industry"

Author:  Rik van Hemmen

Published:  September 2008

Presented at American Filtration & Separations Society Conference


Rik van Hemmen was asked by the American Filtration & Separations Society to present a paper on filtration issues aboard ships at their annual meeting.


This was a novel question and novel questions tend to arrive at novel answers.  When Rik was through, he felt that ships are simply a huge collection of filters and many of those filters are on the cutting edge.  The end of the paper proposes a solution that may be lighthearted but actually points at something that we as naval architects and marine engineers may not always realize when we design our ships.

Super Filter


To download the full paper click this link:  Filtration Challenges in the Marine Industry


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