Technical Model Design & Construction




Models exist to explain complex issues, and Martin & Ottaway has developed models that runs the gamut, from neural network computer simulations to simple scale models of complex pieces of equipment or structures. These models are used to explain complex issues to those making decisions in business, for the public and in the legal profession. 


With marine artists and several craftsmen on the staff, Martin & Ottaway can produce small-scale models of vessels or sections of vessels for litigation or arbitration purposes. The firm is able to produce both the static models and dynamic ones that can move and demonstrate a function or process.


Fully rendered, dynamic 3D computer generated models can also be produced by the firm. These models can be used to perform analyses using finite element programs. Remarkably, 3D models are not always required, sometimes a 2D animation can explain a complex subject more effectively. 


In addition, the firm has also developed complex decision-making models and financial models using a variety of software.


Having built models for almost a century, the firm is particularly experienced with the discipline of model design. That discipline dictates that the best model is often the simplest model and, while occasionally a complex computer model may be required, sometimes a simple cardboard model may be the most effective way to illustrate a complex problem. 














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