Surveying, in all its forms, is the focal point of Martin & Ottaway business. 


Typical surveys performed by the firm include on and off hire, protection and indemnity, condition and damage, environmental, charterer's liability, flag state inspection, hull and machinery, loss of earnings and loss of hire. Other types of surveys performed include cargo damage, out-turn and pre-shipment inspections, classification society record search and review, purchase, lay-up and reactivation, builders risk, warranty surveys, angle of blow and speed and general average.


The firm is qualified to perform trip in tow inspections, and will perform these survey for selected clients.


Martin & Ottaway has investigated nearly every type of damage and their various causes, such as fire and explosions, earthquakes, allisions and collisions, groundings, service failure, design defects and crew negligence.


Other items routinely surveyed include shipyards, shore-based facilities, offshore facilities, dry-docks, piers, docks, bridges, cranes and other shore side equipment.


The firm's surveyors are intimately familiar with all types of surveys, their techniques, various reporting procedures and regulatory requirements. In addition, members of the firm have taught classes and testified in courts worldwide on surveying procedures and developed surveying protocols and systems for various clients.


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