Regulatory Consulting

Shipping is one of the most heavily regulated industries that exist today due to its international nature and the movement of ships, passengers and cargoes between different nations. Regulations concerning shipping are typically promulgated by international organizations, such as the London based United Nations agency IMO, and enacted by member states. Local and/or regional administrations also enact additional regulations in a continually changing political environment. 


Martin & Ottaway’s staff is involved with the development of various marine environmental and safety related regulations in the international arena by participating on an IMO member state’s delegation. In addition, the firm also consults with clients on issues that deal specifically with compliance to existing or anticipated maritime regulations, both locally and internationally.


In support of regulatory compliance for our varied clients, Martin & Ottaway routinely carries out the following tasks:


  • • Environmental MARPOL and Safety audits to international conventions, Quality/Safety/Environmental Management Consulting
  • • Representation in environmental crimes investigation and litigation proceedings as well as safety regulation compliance litigation matters, Expert Testimony in Legal Cases
  • • Safety and Environmental training courses performed for major shipping lines at their crew conferences,
  • •Investigations into Jones Act and Reflagging matters on a case-by-case basis.


Martin & Ottaway’s experience and active involvement with the current state of regulatory affairs at the highest levels of the IMO uniquely positions the firm with respect to providing the most up to date information to our clients as well as affording insights into any pending regulations and assisting in our client’s compliance needs with such regulations.


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