Groundings, Collisions, Sinkings, Fire & Salvage


Due to tightening regulations, stringent environmental aspects, increased liability exposure, underwriters that are more critical, as well as less available salvage resources, an involved party can find themselves quickly overpowered in a catastrophe.

In matters of groundings, collisions, sinkings, fire or salvage situations, the firm's experts can provide immediate and personal assistance in evaluating the multitude of options available to a ship owner.


Martin & Ottaway's experience and resources assist the client in decisions concerning Constructive Total Loss, signing Lloyd's Open Forms and declaring General Average. The firm also assists the owner with making temporary, permanent or deferred repairs, towing or proceeding under own power, abandonment, cargo disposal, wreck removal or compromised total loss.


In addition, the firm's professional contacts within the industry are instrumental in a speedy and economical resolution and normally result in reduced economic losses to the involved party.


Martin & Ottaway occupies a central position in the USCG salvage regulations by managing the DonjonSMIT RSA program.


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