Small passenger vessel stability

July 22, 2010

M&O continues to be center stage in US small passenger vessel stability and casualty evaluation, having been engaged by various parties in all of the recent small passenger vessel incidents that have resulted in loss of life (Ethan Allen, Ride the Ducks, Lady D). In addition M&O provides consulting services on small passenger vessel stability analysis and other USCG required certification issues for small passenger vessel operators.


The USCG has recently updated the small passenger vessel stability standards where M&O was a working group contributor. The new standards take into account more realistic passenger weights and have resulted in new attention by USCG inspectors to passenger vessel stability tests. This new attention came home to roost when M&O assisted with the stability certification of the classic Olsen 29 SeaBright Skiff "Mum Runner". It took a total of six tests before everybody agreed that the test was properly performed, but in the end we all learned that solid knowledge prevents accidents!


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