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This May we decided to perform a heavy duty office cleaning and we literally opened every file drawer in the office and in our storage basement to see what had to go and what needed to stay.


I came across one file that was marked "fax junk." Remember faxes and remember getting silly fax stuff from friends? This was one of the mother files. Next to all the silliness I came across a copy of this March 12, 1993 Journal of Commerce article:

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Monday, September 19th, 2011

World Maritime Day


The world is filled with anniversities, commemorations and memorials.


IMO also has special days and September 29, 2011 will be World Maritime Day. It would be easy to be cynical about yet another "special" day. But if there can be a national pickle day, or even a day that commemorates the Irish, it is simply a non brainer that each year we stop for a minute and contemplate the effect of martime on the world. This year the day will take special notice of piracy and the effect it has on today's maritime commerce. 

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