Daily power plant operations in the United States are often taken for granted.


Most people are not aware that the wholesale/industrial rate for electricty is updated every fifteen minutes and frequently varies from highs near $0.30/kWh ($300/MWh) to lows near $0.03/kWh ($30/MWH) throughout the day.

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Scale is a difficult concept when novel technologies are being introduced, especially when it comes to marine renewable energy projects.


Let’s assume we are talking about a 1000 Megawatt wave farm. It is quite interesting to visualize such a farm off the coast of New Jersey (see Figure 1).

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While cleaning out files and I came across a 2004 collision that my father, Henk van Hemmen, handled. In the file there was a copy of a survey report on a 1971 collision with an angle of blow determination.

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Design is complicated, but often we try to explain it in a quick catchy phrase. There is a saying: “The Devil is in the Details”. Mies van der Rohe is often credited with flipping the concept upside down by saying: “God is in the Details”. Regardless, it means that if you do not pay attention to the details the design will stink.

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I have always had an odd fascination with Chrysler. The whole story is too long to get into, but it relates to my Mother first seeing value in Chrysler stock and timing the ups and downs like Paganini on a violin, and my days at Chrysler's Highland Parks Tech Center working with Chrysler engineers on secret America's Cup projects in the days of minivans and K Cars.


I knew how Chrysler engineers worked and when the merger with Daimler took place I had an UhOh moment. There are great Chrysler engineers, and there are great Mercedes engineers, but that does not mean they think the same way. At Martin & Ottaway we are very sensitive to the differences in world wide engineering cultures and Germans and Americans jointly producing cars? I think not. I ran this by my German Detroit car engineer brother in law and he felt the same way.


So it did not work out. And then Sergio Marchionne walked in with Fiat and walked out with both. American and Italian engineers are a much better match and I was encouraged.


And then I heard an interesting story.

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I joined the industry in 1981 and, before that, remember playing with the tarballs on the Dutch Northsea beaches. Things don't always get better, but as far as international shipping is concerned, boy, have things improved.


A huge portion of the credit goes to all the hardworking mariners who notice things that are wrong, and then come together from all over the world, and just fix it.



How? Check out this little video IMO at 70.

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We discussed hydrogen generation techniques in our 2014 guest blog by Matt Stern. Since that time, the world has continued its fascination with this element, and recent developments show some interesting progress. 


Our present intern Karley Hildin provides an update:


One really interesting example is a project taking place in Orkney, an island chain in the Northern Isles of Scotland (Figure 1).  Orkney has been leading the way in energy innovation since its first commercial wind turbine was built in 1951.  Since then, the islands have accumulated 700 wind and 350 solar generators.  Their renewable energy generation has been so successful that it exceeds Orkney’s electricity demand and now they are looking at energy export.


So, what is their solution to an overabundance of electricity? Actual transportable sustainable hydrogen production.


                     Figure 1. Orkney, Scotland


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Friday, June 8th, 2018

MICA Golf Outing 2018

Congratulations to the winner of the "Closest to the line", Molly McCafferty of Guardian Navigation with Mike Crowley of Thomas Miller.


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Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Nieuw Amsterdam

Recently Martin & Ottaway had a job on the 2010 Nieuw Amsterdam IV. 



Martin & Ottaway personnel have been involved with Nieuw Amsterdams’ since 1937.

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On May 29, 2018, David Tantrum provided a Lunch & Learn presentation to one of the marine industry leading insurance companies, Starr Marine.

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